God is tired of being mocked. He is tired of calling people to be saved, when they stop up their ears and turn to sin. He is tired of the churches who foster sin and speak only of the love of God, while ignoring to tell people to repent and be born of God. He is tired of the sins against him running free and of the lawlessness and uncaringness so often in the churches.

God assures me he will punish sinners and also those who taught against the judgment for sin. He is the same now as always, he holds judgment in store for sinners now as he always has and he is going to judge, not only the sinners outside of the churches, but inside the churches.

God assures me he is slowly going to be withdrawing his Holy Spirit from the world. He is taking it up little by little now, even now and he is sending his AVENGER to earth. He means Satan, for Satan can hardly wait to be given time to help in punishment. God calls him Avenger, because he is going to act as one sent to take revenge on those who spurned God. Not that he, Satan, wants to do anything for God, but that he loves to inflict pain and death and God will let him loose, even as a hunter looses his dogs in a hunt. The Antichrist is coming and the Holy Spirit is going to go up from earth and the Great Tribulation will come into real time.

God has shown me images of millions of corpses and I could see vile crimes being committed. I saw a man running down the street carrying away some parents girl from her home, she was screaming, but no one could help her, a gang was going to take her out rape and kill her. I saw the sky full of bombers coming over America from the North, I have heard, in the Spirit the wails of sirens and fire trucks, I have seen churches torched, I have seen ships shelling port cities and troops or soldiers and trucks breaking down doors, gangs running neighborhoods unchecked.

Those dealing out evil and destruction would now have evil and destruction come upon them. Those who held others captive and murdered would now be captives to be murdered, the sinners who loved to sin would now be the prey of sinners. God is going to repay the whole world, he is tired of waiting for people to fall on their knees and is going to allow punishment, and severe punishment to come. For those who kill children, they shall know the pangs of losing their own. God is sick of adultery, of fornication, of abortion, of lying doctrines, of lying, money-grabbing preachers and of corrupted politicians and of those who love the dark arts and Satan.

God is sick of his people rejecting Christ, he has waited on them hand and foot, yet they refuse him. He is tired of churches that have a form of godliness, but deny it’s power. He is fuming and yet the preachers are telling the people how he loves them. They scratch their itching ears with hyper-grace theology, they teach you cannot lose salvation, that baptism or church membership can save one, that crosses and statues can help one to heaven.

He is not smiling down on the world now, he is not smiling fondly down on the Babylon of the present. It has disgusted him the pageantry, the frivolity, the entertainment of sex and infidelity and adultery and paganism, abortion and the occult. God is angry that people are deluded to think he no longer requires purity, devotion, sanctification, holiness. There are no free passes handed out to heaven at mega church meetings, attendance to them does not give the  right to the tree of life or the waters of the throne. God wants us to be a living sacrifice to him.

I feel sure God is sick to the heart of mans sinful ways and his sinful churches, full of liars, hypocrites, deceivers, fornicators, adulterers and mockers of the true God and his true WORD.

Repentance has been called for today as it was in Noah’s day, and as it was at Sodom and Gomorrah, where the sin of homosexuality ruled.  It is now ruling again, the drugging of the world is underway .

The streets will swarm with gangs of wild people who act like wild animals, destroying, taking and abusing others at will. Death will become a past-time and a pleasure and the Bible a book to be discarded or burned.

God is angry and his time of retribution is near. The Day of the Lord is coming and it is time to get right with God and be purified in and out, to worship him in truth and honor and give him the praise and adoration he desires. Those who will not fall on their knees now will have to be forced to them later and the fires of the pit are being prepared to take in all who refuse to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Master.

God is coming to teach the world that it cannot ignore him anymore., there will be fire and explosions and lawless bands will steal peace from the earth.

The skies will be full of bombers raining destruction down, wave after wave, God is going to shake the world and wake up the people who are asleep.

When Jesus returns it will be to rule the world with an iron hand.

Finally God tells me to tell everyone I know this, that without repentance there will be NO SALVATION!.

Oct 6, 2014

Everett Pruitt

Called to prophecy for God in this year of our Lord.