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About Prophetic Ministries

Joe Smith has been a ministry for over 30 years. My heart is to please God in everything I do. I am passionately in love with the Lord, have a desire to see the people of God operating in everything He has put into them. I strive to love the people of God as He loves them, and to help them grow in passion, obedience, and anointing. When you are intimate in your walk with the Lord, you will live a purposeful and fruitful life. I am committed to your success in the Lord! I am a member of United Covenant Church based out of Mount Vernon, Illinois, and am available to do meetings as the Lord leads. 

Why is this site here

God told me to build a resource to help young prophets and prophetesses to grow in their gifts and calling . When I published this site, there were not many resources to help young prophets to understand the gift of God in them. Many fell by the wayside because they simply didn’t understand how to flow in the anointing and calling that God had placed on their lives. They grew weary, the devil beat them up, and they finally decided that the pressure was too great. They did not understand spiritual warfare, how to stand in the middle of adversity, nor that the very anointing on their lives would bring attacks from the enemy. Those attacks can be vicious, but God will always send refreshing and life when you feel you are at the end of your rope. I pray that the teachings on this site will put the wind back into your sails, and encourage you to continue the lonely journey you are on. I love you, and will do everything in my power to help you navigate the road that leads to the purpose and life God has called you to.

Developing Intimacy

Our purpose is to propell the people of God into a deeper intimacy and walk with the Lord through anointed teaching and altar ministry. Drawing the people of God into a deeper intimacy with the Lord produces Purposeful Christianity.

Prophetic Workshops

God has called us to help the local church to develop passionately purposeful ministry teams. Our many years of walking in the Apostolic and Prophetic Offices have given us a solid Biblical and Spiritual foundation for our workshops. There has never been a time that the church needs to rise up in power and demonstration of the Spirit than now! Healing and deliverance are commonplace in our meetings. We support and affirm local leadership as our model for New Testament Ministry. Contact us today to setup a conference.

Ministry to your Church

Ministry to your church

Dynamic Teaching


Teaching to our church was dynamic and biblically based. Words spoken to our people were extremely accurate and timely!

- Pastor Lovell Horton

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