Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I pray this letter finds you encouraged and strong in the Lord. I know it seems that we are in turbulent times but we serve a mighty God! The Lord has instructed me to encourage you all today.

I hear the Lord saying to hang in there, do not grow weary, let not your hearts be troubled. When we put our confidence in the Lord, we must also put our troubles in His hands, our needs in His hands, our desires in His hands. There is no issue you could ever face that is bigger than what our God is able to handle. I have personally had some very rough times over the years, but I have never brought any need to God that He was not able to meet.

I hear the ringing of phones, bad headlines, swine flu, financial problems, the government is in serious breakdown, you simply can’t hear good news anywhere. People losing jobs, persecution in the workplace, surprise expenses in breakdowns of appliances, automobiles, etc… Our webpage prayer requests are increasing so quickly that we simply pray for them, but rarely have time to reply personally to every email.. I have had more calls and emails than ever before to pray for dear precious saints that are facing terrible infirmity and disease, divorce is at an all time high, and there seems no relief in sight.

Well, get ready for change! Get ready for a move of God across this nation of His wonderful peace like never before. But hear the word of the Lord in this, it will come as “peace in the storm,” the storms will not cease, but the mighty hand of the Lord will be more evident now than ever in His ability to meet you right where you are. When Jesus said to Peter “satan desires to sift you as wheat,” He did not conclude the statement with a “but I am going to stop him,” no precious, He said “but I am praying to the Father that your faith would remain”…. Did you hear that? He didn’t take the trial away, He gave Peter the strength to go through it. Yes, He ultimately delivers us from ALL our afflictions… Remember “many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them ALL.”

The storms will increase, but my power to deliver is available to you for the asking. Seek me while I may be found, and with me you will find the way of escape from every situation that comes your way. Escape is sometimes instant and sometimes a process, but escape is still escape! I never said you would not experience trials, but trust me to deliver you says the Lord! I will not leave or forsake you, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you by the right hand of my righteousness! Now is not a time to quit, not a time to grow tired and “fall asleep” as many have done. Do not sleep the ‘sleep of acceptance’ of your situation! Stand and fight! Bind every hindering spirit, bind every abusive spirit, bind the spirit of poverty, the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of robbery! I have given you the tools, and it breaks my very heart to see you laying on the ground in pain while I have already made a way for you to stand in my power! You may feel at the point of death, but I am life to all those who find me, says the Lord! I love you my precious, you are my treasure and I am polishing you, dusting you off, preparing you for a place in my showcase for all who come your way to see the victory I have brought into your life! Like a trophy of victory on the playing field, you are a trophy of victory on the battlefield, and you are coming through the battle without scars. Though wounds have been inflicted, you walk off the battlefield complete and whole in me, says the Lord! You thought they were wounds unto death, but I have found you standing, alive and well through the process! See, I have blown the trumpet, arrayed you in armor, built shelter around you, and carried you through the battle, and caused bullets and arrows to have no fatal affect on you! When you thought the enemy had won the battle, you looked and discovered that you were still standing. Stronger through the process, more able to encourage others through the process, more ready to speak out for truth and not listen to lies! I have given you strategy, I instruct you now to watch every word you speak, watch every thought you think, watch every alliance you make. Let them be of me, says the Lord. Do not mingle with the world as the sting of death is in the world, but I am life, I am health, I am freedom, says the Lord! I am evident in the mountain, I am in the valley, I am in the hospitals and I can be found in every corner of this world. I am ready to show myself strong in and through you. Will you trust me? Will you follow me where ever I lead you? Will you not draw back when oposition comes? Will you believe me for what seems un-believable? Will you stand when the world is lying down? Will you thirst and hunger for every word that I choose to speak to and through you? Keep your lamp full of oil, says the Lord, you know not what hour I come in. You may say the season is long, but look around you. Surely sin has covered the face of the earth. Surely persecution is knocking at the doors. Greater am I in you than he who is in the world! As the world grows dim of my ordinances, dim of my plans, dim of obedience to me, you shine more and more. You stand out against the horizon, and you can be seen from miles away, says the Lord! Your outline stands in sharp contrast to the horizon, and you have a trumpet in your hand! Blow the trumpet, says the Lord, speak out for righteousness, do not hold back. My hand of protection, provision and supernatural grace for the times at hand are proportional to your obedience to my voice. When I speak, you must immediately respond. Know my voice, know my ways, know my plans for your family, for your ministry, for your children, for this world! My plan is only good. My desire is only pure, My desire is to reach out to my children from the four ends of the world and gather a bride that is spotless and without blemish. Will it be a day that I will find you ready and waiting, or will I find you asleep? I say you will be ready! You will be found faithful! You will be found pleasing in my sight, says the Lord!

I cannot add or change anything above, so I hope the grammar and all is correct… I found myself writing so fast that I know it was His thoughts and not my own…

Be blessed my brothers and sisters, let the Lord have His wonderful way with you!

Truly this is a day that I hear the voice of the Lord saying to you “Let not your hearts be troubled” Trust the Lord, follow the Lord, you are in His wonderful hands!

I love and appreciate each and every one of you!