Thank you for subscribing to our Newsletter. This is how we communicate with those of you who feel our teachings are ministering to you. We endeavor to only speak what the Lord is speaking to us to put out to you rather than just “having to speak a word”. Many people have asked us “Why don’t you just put your teaching out on Facebook only, and not bother to put them out on your website?” Our response is simple: Many people who come to our ministry website are not on Facebook.

I urge you all to consider the following:

1: Facebook is a social network, not a platform for legitimate ministry.
2: We have had WAY too many legitimate posts deleted by Facebook because someone did not like the message.
3: When we post on Facebook, less than  10% of those we intend to receive our messages actually see them.
4: Facebook is rapidly heading to a system where we have to pay them in order for all of our audience to receive our teachings.
5: There is much talk about Facebook closing ministry pages and groups, so we simply do not want to depend on a system that could go away.

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May the Lord abundantly bless you and yours!