Welcome to our Video Archive Library

This is an archive of our recorded Live Stream sessions.  There is a variety of topics and instruction that we hope will help you grow spiritually and draw closer to the Lord.  Many sessions include prayer and Word of Knowledge for those listening.  We will be adding additional videos frequently.  God bless you!  

 Aug 9th 2015 Agape Church – God has not forgotten you! Joe Smith. Joe and Paul ministered in Omaha, Nebraska at Agape Church on Sunday morning. Dynamic message about how God will remember every promise that He makes to you,      
 Sept 19th 2015 Live Stream – God does not need superstars Joe Smith. This session includes many steps to spiritual recovery following spiritual abuse, or any type of derailment in your life.  A lot of teaching designed to get you back on track in your walk with the Lord. This is highly recommended for all because of the diverse content included. Towards the end of this 4 hour session, there was discussion and prayer for those wanting more of an intimate relationship with Jesus.  We pray this blesses you!      
  Sept 26th 2015 Live Stream – It’s Very Apostolic — What is the Apostolic all about? How are modern day Apostles and Prophets supposed to operate? What kind of people are called to be a part of Apostolic ministries? Is this for everyone? These and many other questions are answered in this dynamic teaching! Don’t miss it!