Pastor ‘s Joe and Gayle Smith have been ministering prophetically for many years. With a unique blend of prophetic and apostolic grace, they bring an anointed word in due season and flow in the prophetic gifts powerfully seeing many lives transformed, healed, and restored.



Pastor Joe Smith has a diverse background with 10+ years of military service in the Army and Marine Corps, as well as being employed by the CIA for a season. Experiencing a radical conversion when his first daughter was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 2, and seeing the Lord do a miraculous healing in her body, he dedicated his life to serving his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has been a Senior Pastor in 3 churches and an Associate Pastor in 2 churches. Now a successful businessman, Pastor Joe carries a very strong entrepreneurial anointing, in addition to the prophetic and apostolic dimension, that He loves to impart to others and also does business coaching with members of the body. Joe has founded several churches, establishing leadership, and staying connected with them. Joe has seen many people miraculously healed during his years in ministry to include multiple people rescued out of wheelchairs during revival services.


Gayle Smith was born and raised on a farm in rural Nebraska. First hearing the Lord as a young girl, and growing up in the Christian Church, she had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit at age 23. The Lord then launched her into a season of growing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and an understanding of the spirit realm. Gayle spent nearly 20 years in the corporate health insurance industry and also brings a strong business anointing to the body. Gayle flows in prophetic utterance, healing and deliverance ministry, and has a love for Jesus and his people that energizes the body of Christ.




Pastor Joe and Gayle have 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren and their family continues to expand! The Lord recently relocated them to Tulsa, OK, where they hold regular prophetic gatherings and times of ministry, but they are also available to speak and minister at your church! Please contact them for more details.