I receive 100 plus emails every week from people asking for a word from God. This is just natural when you have a ministry that states that “God talks to His people”. My question is always the same, “have you inquired of the Lord yourself?, have you sought the Lord, and asked Him to speak directly to you?, are you spending time in the Word of God on a daily basis?” See, the problem is that many are looking for God to speak to them, but they have not necessarily been willing to pay the cost to God in order to hear His voice. What I am saying is that we need to invest ourselves in our relationship with God. Spending time in the Word, being active in a local bible teaching church, spending time praying, and especially praying in the Spirit..

I compare it to not going to work 4 or of 5 days out of a week, yet expecting a paycheck. NO, I am not attacking anyone reading this post. I know you found this page by searching in Google or another search engine “Need a word from the Lord”, or “need a word from God”.. so you are here for a reason, I am just trying to give you some foundation for how the word of the Lord comes in hopes that you will begin to clearly hear His voice for yourselves and for your families.

The bible in John 10:3 says “my sheep hear my voice…” What is the problem with the sheep (the church) not hearing the voice of God in these days. I believe it is the fact that we spend our lives in a distracted state. We are worried about hammering out a living, paying the bills, raising the kids, etc etc etc.. Where does God fit into that equation, then we wonder why we don’t hear His voice more clearly.

Ok, here are my thoughts on the matter, and I believe it will help you better understand how God speaks to His people.

  • Everything God speaks is for our good, to change, heal, or restore us to His plans for our lives.
  • Everything God speaks to us lines up with His nature.
  • Everything God speaks to us lines up with His Word.
  • God will NEVER beat you up over, or remind you of something that you have truly repented for.
  • God respects, satan invades! Learn this quickly, or the devil will continually beat you up.
  • God will NEVER speak a word to you that feeds your flesh, your carnal nature, or permits you to violate His Word!

At ALL costs, I avoid speaking into relationships unless someone is in a sin based relationship. I am not a psychic, nor do I prophesy for personal gain. Yes, this ministry does accept donations, but NOT as the basis of whether we speak a word to you or not… TOO many ministries are involved in the “send us a check, and we will send you a word” which in my personal opinion is a prostitution of the gift of God which will end up leading to a polluting of the anointing. It is mixing the sweet and the profane, and God is against it!

With that said, if you are on this page because you are seeking God for direction for your life, healing for your body, looking for His perfect will for your life, you have arrived at the right place. Not to say this ministry is God’s gift to mankind, but we strive to avail ourselves to seeking the heart of God for His people.


In order to receive a word from this ministry, I simply ask the below things:

  1. You must have already prayed, and sought the Lord yourself, and when I say sought, I mean SOUGHT!
  2. You must be willing to hear whatever God wants to speak to you about any given circumstance or situation.
  3. I don’t want you to tell us what you are seeking the Lord for, let us pray and let the Lord speak into what He wants to speak into.
  4. Please include a picture of yourself, it helps us as we seek the Lord on your behalf.
  5. Reach out to us via email at jg@propheticministries.com or via our “Contact Us” link, and we will first pray abut the matter and reach out to you.

Thank you for reaching out to us today, may the Lord abundantly bless you and your family, and may He have the last word in every situation in your life.

Jesus loves you so much my dear friend.