Upside Down Eagle Vision

This is a vision Joe had about a bald eagle. Very significant for the day we are living in.

Joe Teaching 6-21-14

Joe teaching on 6-21-2014

Genys Teaching 8-9-2014

Great teaching by Genys Holder!

Joe and Pastor Marshall

This was a great teaching that Joe and Pastor Marshall McGee did together in Tulsa, OK. 

Joe in Mt. Vernon Illinois

Joe ministering in Mt. Vernon Illinois. What a time we had in the Lord!

Geno Schmidt ministering in Omaha

Geno Schmidt ministering in Omaha, NE.

Genys Teaching 6-14-14

Genys Holder teaching 6-14-2014

10-18-2014 Joe and Gayle Teaching

Joe and Gayle teaching 10-18-2014. We had a great time that evening!

Lenton Gunn 6-7-14

Lenton Gunn ministering on 6-7-14

Spiritual Gifts Part 2

Joe and Gayle teaching on Spiritual Gifts - Part 2

Prophetic Word from Randi McGee

Prophetic Word from Randi McGee