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Word of the Lord for 2017Sent on 25 December 2016
Word to the church for 2017
Stay AlertSent on 20 December 2016
Turning "turbulent times" into opportunitySent on 01 December 2016
What you see as "turbulent times" I see as a season of great opportunity for those who hear my voice
Get off the fence says the Lord!Sent on 22 April 2016
The Lord is calling His people to get off the fence! It is time to make a decision.
Hear the Voice of GodSent on 10 October 2015
Late Night Chat! Tues. 9/29 at 9 PM, CSTSent on 29 September 2015
Apostolic Teaching on Prophetic MInistriesSent on 28 September 2015
Live Stream Tonight at 8 PM CST - Prophetic Warning DreamsSent on 18 September 2015
Live Stream Tonight at 8 PM, CST - Call to Prayer and Fasting!Sent on 27 August 2015
Grand Opening of New Ministry Location!Sent on 03 August 2015
I am resurrecting purpose and destiny says the Lord!Sent on 30 July 2015
Prophetic Word -- 7-14-15 --- Acceleration says the Lord!Sent on 28 July 2015
Through the Fire but NOT burned!Sent on 28 July 2015
WORDS FROM HEAVEN - 7/5/15Sent on 06 July 2015
The Church is About to Get an Upgrade!Sent on 30 June 2015
Live Stream Wednesday night at 8 PM CST, please join us!Sent on 16 June 2015
The puzzle is taking formSent on 03 June 2015
Prophetic Bulletin - Don't take this pill!Sent on 30 May 2015
Prophetic Bulletin - Don't take this pill!
A storm is coming! Urgent Prophetic BulletinSent on 09 May 2015
Live Stream Prophetic Bulletin 5-7-15 10:00 P.M. CentralSent on 07 May 2015
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